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~Be the Leader of Your Next Journey~

Welcome to Journey through an Appalachian Heart. My name is Brittaney. I am delighted that you took the time to step away and embark on a journey with me.

What is the journey you ask? This is a journey through the heart of an Appalachian Native, a journey that includes my heritage, my love for this geographic realm, and my knowledge of all things food. If you are up for the journey, our adventure will encompass a wide array of experiential components including:
~Must-Visit Travel Destinations
~and Family Fun.

I have spent, and continue to spend a lot of time outdoors, travelling, actively photographing numerous mediums, and trying new foods. So, I hope that you will take a moment to look at each excerpt, gain some valuable knowledge, and even become inspired to travel with your friends and family to a new destination.

So, as you begin to explore my webpage, just remember that life is all about what you make it. Don’t sit back and get caught up in a routine. Research all that nature has to offer. You just might find a new passion or hobby. Embark with me on this journey ~ A Journey through an Appalachian Heart.

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Want to stay in the know on all things food, travel, and insider tips? Be sure to check out my blog feed. Here, you will find some of my favorite recipes from savory meals to simple desserts. Each recipe represents my appalachian heritage as these are some of my favorite recipes which have been passed down through the generations. Whether you are looking to create a simple family meal or a binge-worthy dessert, there is something to satisfy all your food needs.

In addition, you will find informative guides to several destinations I have visited, such as attractions, theme parks, restaurant reviews, and more. These guides are designed to help you prepare for that amazing getaway and get the most out of that trip. A lot of my insider guides have a supplementary YouTube video of a walkthrough for that destination. This is designed for you can see exactly where key landmarks are in relation to the guided overview.

Take the information presented throughout this blog and use it to your advantage. Rather than stressing about that next great journey, take a breath and make memories that will last a lifetime. After all, the journey should be about making memories, not worrying about forgetting something or passing up a must-see landmark.

With each new day breaking over the horizon comes a new opportunity to get out, explore, and embark on new journeys. Let those journeys lead you through an Appalachian Heart.

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For inspiration on where to travel to next, check out my YouTube channel. From waterfalls to walkthrough videos, you will find everything you need right at your fingertips.

Don’t have time to read through those posts. No problem. Check out my Instagram page. Here, you will find featured photos from travels, bakes, homesteading recipes, and more. So, be sure to check out my IG feed and follow.

Need Some Inspiration?
Check back often and see what new adventures await.

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