Savory Appalachian Sausage and Gravy Biscuits

What is more luring after a night’s rest than the smell of a delicious, home cooked breakfast?

I know when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to that first meal of the day (breakfast), especially on the weekends. During the week, life can get so busy that we often have little time to sit down and enjoy a simple, delicious home cooked meal. Whether it is because we have too little time or we just don’t want to spend the amount of time needed over the stove to create a meal for one (or more), we shouldn’t have to suffer.

Everyone deserves a flavorful, filling, and hearty breakfast, right?

This recipe is so simple that you will have everyone thinking you spent hours, waking up super early, to create this dish. However, the fact really is, you only spent a short amount of time from prepping to delivering the dish to the table.

This recipe is my go-to every time I want sausage and gravy biscuits. The only thing that takes a little bit of time is gathering your ingredients, rendering down the sausage, and deciding how much gravy you want to make.

As you go through this recipe, if anything appears confusing, leave a comment below and I will try my best to help you perfect this gravy recipe within your own kitchen.

Making gravy is almost like an art or a science, so to speak. It may take you a few tries to figure out how much grease:flour ratio is needed to get the consistency of gravy you are looking for (thick or thin). But, don’t let that discourage you from giving this recipe a try. The results are well-worth the challenge!

So, have I enticed your taste buds enough that you are ready to dive in and give this breakfast staple a try? Come on, let’s go!

Savory Appalachian Sausage and Gravy Biscuits

Servings: Approx. 4
Prep Time: 5 mins.
Total Time: 15 mins.


  • 1/2 Package of Sausage (your favorite)
    • Grease from Cooked Sausage
  • Self-Rising Flour
  • 6 oz. – 8 oz. Milk
  • 1 tbsp. Butter


The Gravy
1. Begin by frying up your favorite sausage in a skillet. Crumble up as it begins to cook.
2. Once the sausage is browned through, scrape it to the side of the pan and begin to add in flour.
3. Without removing grease from cooked sausage, stir in flour to form a roux. You want a slight paste to form, but not a thick, thick flour paste. If this occurs, just add a slight amount of butter to thin out.
4. Once roux is nice and smooth, stir for about 30 seconds to allow flavor to develop and to cookout the flour taste.
5. Slowly begin to add in milk, stirring continuously (make sure sausage remains to the side). Start with 6 oz. of milk. If too thick, add a little more. Adjust to your desired thickness/thinness.
6. Once milk has been added and flour stirred in, begin to pull in sausage slowly. Continue stirring as the mixture begins to thicken.
7. Once gravy reaches your desired thickness, remove from heat and serve atop a fresh, 3 Ingredient Drop Biscuit, or separately in a bowl or plate.

The Biscuits
I have discussed a couple of ways to make biscuits. If you want quick and easy drop biscuits, check out my 3 Ingredient Drop Biscuit recipe here:


  • I like a thicker gravy, so I tend to allow my gravy to cook for about 2-3 minutes after it reaches a rolling boil. You can also tell that it is thick because it will develop a sheen over the top of the gravy.
  • For a thinner gravy, you are going to want to hold up the spoon while cooking and check to make sure that it drips off of the spoon relatively quickly. Once gravy reaches a rolling boil, I would allow it to cook for about 1 – 1.5 mins. for a thinner gravy. Time may vary!
  • You can check for the perfect thickness by holding spoon up and performing the drip test. Thicker gravy will hold to the spoon more, whereas a thinner gravy will drip off. You can also pull finger across the back of a spoon to check thickness.

Let me know what you think!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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